Local 966 News 2013

  • September 1, 2013 - 966 Capsules
    We are starting a series of capsules on what units are in local 966! You will get to know what units are under the umbrella of CUPE local 966.

    We represent 3,500 members in the great region of Peel and we are proud to make a difference in our community.

    The first unit that we would like to introduce is TransHelp.

    Transhelp unit joined local 966 twelve years ago and have 85 members strong in this unit.

    TransHelp is the accessible transportation in Peel. Transhelp provides close to one thousand trips daily for residents of Mississauga, Caledon and Brampton that qualify for the service.

    The accessible transportation in Peel is operated by the region of Peel and is a leader in the industry for safety and efficiency of it’s service.

    The satisfaction survey result’s every year ranks TransHelp service as one of the most appreciated by the residents living in Peel. Clients using the service often refer to the drivers as “Family”. We take very seriously the “door to door” service provided and we make sure that everyone receives an exceptional experience when they ride on a Trans Help bus. The maintenance of the buses is also provided by our CUPE members and they make sure that you have safe, inspected and clean vehicle while using TransHelp.

    The growth of TransHelp is under scrutiny by the region in 2013 and we are keeping a close eye on this review of the service that should be brought back to Peel regional council in 2014.
  • April 20, 2013 - Are Unions Useful Anymore?

    “Unions were good at one time, but haven’t they outlived their usefulness?”

    The Canadian Labour Congress has made a marvellous video to explain the quote above and you will be surprise on how old it is!
  • CUPE Launches Bargaining Works Ad
    The Canadian Union of Public Employees is launching a television advertising campaign intended to help build awareness of the benefits of collective bargaining for everyone in Ontario.

    The commercial is a reminder of a number of the benefits common in workplaces today that exist in part because they were first negotiated by a union bargaining a collective agreement, including fair wages, parental leave, caregiver leave and workplace safety standards.

    The television ad is part of CUPE Ontario’s response to the Ontario Liberal government, which has used Bill 115 to attack the democratic rights of workers in school boards to free collective bargaining. The legislation allowed the Minister of Education to override the bargaining process and impose agreements across the province.

    CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn said “The government has already threatened to introduce more legislation, the Protecting Public Services Act , which would be even more damaging, taking away the bargaining rights of workers across the rest of the public sector, and attacking the right to impartial arbitration for those workers who do not have the legal right to strike. We are going to campaign until we receive assurance from all provincial leaders that they will not attack our democratic rights to bargaining and contract arbitration in the future.”

    The commercial will air across the province on all major television networks, beginning tomorrow, and will run for two weeks.