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Provincial plans may put your health at risk

The Ontario government has cut funding for paramedics and public health and plans to merge those services with other municipalities.

Peel Paramedics

Respond to 1 local health emergency every 4 minutes. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Peel Public Health

  • Inspects local restaurants to make sure your food is safe to eat.
  • Tests local pools to make sure they are safe to swim in.
  • Tracks immunizations to make sure school-aged kids are protected from dangerous diseases.
  • Sends test shoppers to local stores to make sure they aren't selling tobacco to your teens.
  • Tracks dangerous diseases, like measles, to make sure they don't spread
  • Prevents mosquitos from hatching, so you don't risk getting West Nile Virus.


Ford Governments Health Cuts Negatively Impact Patient Care: Coalition Calls Out Ford Government for “Dissembling” and Lack of Public Accountability

In what the Health Coalition a bad news day for Ontario’s health care, the Ford government revealed that it has eliminated more than 800 full-time equivalent positions in the LHINs (Local Health Integration Network) and in the six health care agencies (including Cancer Care Ontario, Health Quality Ontario, Trillium Gift of Life, HealthForce Ontario and others ) that they eliminated when they created their new “Super Agency”. In addition, almost 300 front-line health care staff providing autism services have been cut at ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development as part of province-wide layoffs of autism care and support workers following the autism funding cuts and restructuring that were implemented in recent months. Also revealed today, a high-risk pregnancy clinic in Windsor will be shuttered. Today’s revelations come on the heels of a raft of hospital cuts that have been announced across Ontario in the last few weeks resulting from the Ford government’s real dollar budget cuts to Ontario’s hospitals, says the Health Coalition.

The Health Coalition takes issue with Doug Ford’s Health Minister’s claim that the cuts to the health care agencies and LHINs only involve the “back-office”. "We are hearing from health professionals, nurses and unions representing care staff that a number of the LHIN and health agency cuts do directly impact care," said Natalie Mehra, executive director of the Ontario Health Coalition. "While we never supported the LHINs conducting P.R. and propaganda campaigns using public money to sell health care cuts and policy changes to the public, this announcement is characterized by the same secrecy and dissembling that we have seen over and over from the Ford government. In fact, the health agencies being cut directly impact patient care and could have a huge impact on wait times and access to services. In addition, the cuts at the LHIN include cuts to care staff that impact patient care directly. Today’s new autism cuts directly impact services that families with autistic children desperately need and which are a lifeline. The cuts to high-risk pregnancy services and local hospitals directly impact care and services for hundreds of thousands of Ontarians."

The Ontario Health Coalition is tracking the Ford government’s health care cuts on its website:…/mounting-health-ca…/. The tally of cuts grows longer virtually every day. “The Ford government promised that they would end hallway medicine; they did not campaign on massive cuts to our health care services. They said would improve mental health care, but instead cut funding by over $300 million a year. They promised they would not eliminate public sector jobs and health care jobs, but they have been doing just that since last fall, right after they took office,” said Ms. Mehra.

The Health Coalition is demanding that the Ford government stop the cuts. But if they fail to do so, they are demanding the government release a full list of all positions they are cutting in every health service in order to make these cuts transparent and publicly accountable. “These are services that are funding by the public with our money and changes in health care policy should not be subject to a disingenuous publicity campaign,” concluded Ms. Mehra.…/mounting-health-ca…/ -- this is the link to an up-to-date list of the Ford government's health care cuts.

Hi Everyone,

It was a tough week for everyone I know. We were all blindsided by the announcement on Wednesday regarding the job losses due to funding cuts in the LHIN’s operational budgets and beginning of restructuring. I know you are rightly concerned that this (unfortunately) sets the stage for what may come once the PCs' full plan for the LHINs unfolds.

We have been hearing from each of your locals and your staff reps about the impacts to each of our locals. The biggest impact was to non-unionized staff, but any job/position loss is terrible and will also affect the delivery of healthcare. We are also aware that many of the LHINs are squirreling away positions, which is concerning about the impacts of future job elimination.

We have responded publicly against this cut of 825 jobs and will continue to challenge the PC health sector restructuring at every opportunity. I have attached the CUPE Ontario media release that we put out. Also, here is a couple of links to articles that followed. Please feel free to share with your members or include in your communications with them.

I have also attached the press release from the Ontario Health Coalition.

We are working on compiling the position losses in terms of numbers, position classifications, etc, which we will forward for review and input/corrections.

Additionally, we are looking for the following information from you:
How much was your LHIN budget cut?
How many positions lost in non-union & other unions. Types of positions were cut.
Other cuts or cost-saving measures: ie. office closures.
Any correspondence you can acquire: Government to the employer. Employer to staff. Union messages to members.
Any things you have heard that are to come.

Unfortunately, the government is still not being forthcoming with their plans and timelines, as we saw this week. We are asking for meetings with the new ministers (there was a cabinet shuffle) to try and get more information. At this point, we know that a few Health Teams will be launched in late fall but beyond that, we don't know much more. If you have information on teams that have made applications to be an Ontario Health Team please send that along. The more info we get the more we can piece things together and plan for it.

We would like to have a call this coming Thursday, Jun 27 at 6 pm to talk over what has happened and where we go from here. Call number below.

This is an unnerving and difficult time, but we can help each other through it. Thanks for all you are doing.

In Solidarity
Heather Duff and Sheri McKeen

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'Back office' health agency jobs to be cut: Source
Employers will begin issuing pink slips to 416 administrative “back office” employees in the LHINs and six other provincial health-care agencies Wednesday, a senior Ontario government source says.

In all, 825 positions will be eliminated but almost half are currently empty, the source added, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The move comes as the Ontario government reorganizes 14 LHINs and six agencies, including Cancer Care Ontario, under a single new agency — Ontario Health.

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