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and sisters of the communities we work in.
Serving the communities of Brampton,
Mississauga, Caledon and the Halton Region.
Serving for good wages, good benefits
and safe working conditions
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Hello Sisters and Brothers

On behalf of the entire Election Committee Member’s

The committees would like to take this time out to say, it was a pleasure to serve on the election committee, when we first volunteered for this assignment. None of us have any ideas of what we were getting ourselves into, we didn’t have a clue. From October 7th through November 25-26 I cannot say it was a pleasure, but I can say it was an experience I will never forget, their was a lot of challenges, patients, perseverance during this journey but we have learned a lot, as for me I learned that email is not just open and send so many key on my device that I known what it’s function for now ?. We can’t forget Bonnie Petrie recording secretary, Matthew Alloway national rep, Edward Harris national rep, they were our dictionary whatever we don’t know we get the answers from them. We the committee members learn a lot, don’t know about the rest of committees, but I myself would do it again if given the opportunity again.
I learned and made mistake, L did not know I could bite my tongue and be calm ,also gain a few more grey hairs ?,
Out committee have five members included one man, Spencer Lee from March of Dimes Canada, flora Watts from Central West LHIN, Reshma Patel from Marlton Village LTC, Mangala Chiru from Marlton Village LTC, and me Marcia Lacey from tall pines LTC.

In solidarity
Committee members
Please stay safe

Sisters and Brothers,
As the 2020 Executive Election comes to a close, I would like introduce you to your Local 966 Team
President: Salil Arya
Vice President: Mary Ann Drys
Secretary Treasure: Lola Selbourne
Recording Secretary: Bonnie Petrie
3 Year Trustee: Velma London
Budget Committee 6 Members: Michelle Oldham, Michelle  Eagle, Pam Hayer, Maxine Laing, David Young, Mary Pereira
By-Law Committee – 6 members: Brianna Flynn, Mary Pereira, Pam Hayer, Cheryl Robinson, Attilah Williams, Michelle Oldham
Education Committee 6 Members: Naomi Amartey, Harri Persaud, Michelle Oldham, David Young, Brianna Flynn, Christine Correla
Paul Jordison Scholarship Committee – 3 members: Sheldon Ellie, Michelle Oldham, Pam Hayer